Notting Hill

Notting Hill is so much more than just the setting for that famous movie: it plays host to the Notting Hill Carnival, Europe’s biggest street fiesta; it’s brimming with fashionable restaurants, pubs, bars and shops; it’s home to one of London’s best street markets: Portobello Road; and it’s got oodles of fascinating architecture and cultural history, including the Ladbroke Grove punk/reggae scene.

Attracting millions of visitors every year to its rainbow-coloured houses, enviable gardens and boho atmos, Notting Hill is the perfect place to spend a weekend. Whether you’re into shopping, eating, cinema or just people-watching, it’s a great bit of London to lose a few hours (or even a few days) in.

Key Attractions in Notting Hill

Portbello Road Market

All your Antiques Road Show dreams can come to life at the amazing Portobello Road Market.

It’s the largest antiques market in the world with over 1,000 stalls. You can find anything and everything from retro fashion to collectable stamps and antique porcelain scattered between the jumble of stalls.

Fair warning: you may have to sort through a fair bit of trash to get to the treasure, but that’s all part of the fun.

Electric Cinema

An unusual stop during your Notting Hill visit is to the charming Electric Cinema. It’s one of the oldest – and dare we say the most charming – cinemas in the UK.

When the beautiful building was constructed in 1910, it was one of the first purpose-built cinemas in Britain.

In fact, it’s so old that it was designed for silent films, with no sound facilities. Imagine the refurb that was required once “talkies” were invented some two decades later!

Today, the cinema very much has sound and shows all the latest releases as well as a selection of artsy flicks.

You’ll find it sitting proudly on Portobello Road and it’s a great stop, especially if the weather outside is gloomy.

Hang Out At A Chic Café

Notting Hill is full of cafes that are just as sugary sweet as the cream teas they do so well. No wonder these sweet hotspots are some of our favourite Notting Hill attractions.

Notting Hill’s quaint, bohemian vibe matches up perfectly with enjoying a long and lazy coffee and cake.

There are so many ultra-adorable places where getting a coffee is a true excursion rather than a pitstop – not to mention the fact that they do a stellar breakfast and brunch trade too.

Notting Hill Carnival

Have you ever looked at the bright, loud and joyous celebration that is Carnival and dreamed of attending?

What if we were to tell you that Notting Hill, London plays host to its very own Carnival. And it’s pretty amazing.

If you get the chance, attending Notting Hill Carnival is definitely one of the best things to do in Notting Hill. Fact.

Notting Hill Carnival is a spectacular celebration of Caribbean culture in London, with all the music, costumes and food you’d expect.

Although it started from very humble beginnings way back in the 1960s, today the Notting Hill Carnival is quite spectacular, attracting over two million visitors.

So, why not join the fun – just head for Notting Hill for the August bank holiday weekend, and get ready for an amazing time.

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