Meet your host

Matthew King, Managing Director, PeopleMan Properties

I am a legal professional, with a number of international real estate projects.

My general approach is professional, attentive and detailed. I strive to be efficient towards the goal of contributing best value.

My heart is invested in real charity. I co-run charitable endeavours in emerging countries that seek to build schools and hospitals, as well provide widows and orphans with vocational skills. I give consultative pro bono advice to London community libraries and the unrepresented. I channel my love of sport to run, cycle and row for MacMillan and St Luke’s hospice. I believe best value is defined by empathy. I believe it is defined by serving the expressed need and preferences of the individual.

My residential homes within the City of London are warmly and synonymously described “beautiful” and “comfortable,” a “home away from home” by most guests. You can be assured my attention to detail guarantees all photos are accurately represented. You will be able to see the modern and clean-cut features for yourself.

The central location of my homes assures your easy assimilation into all things culturally distinctive to London. You won’t miss a heartbeat; unless of course you are purely focussed on business or have become lost in love with the interior decor!

My team and I are culturally diverse; speaking over 7 languages. We will be sensitive to your particular style.

My apartments are optimised for corporate, family and individual stays.

We do look forward to serving you.